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Woodborough Kennels  prides itself on being a licensed establishment for over 35 years. Annually inspected by Bath & North East Somerset Council.




All kennels have a heated sleeping area with covered front funs and access to large grass runs.

Dogs are bedded on plastic beds lined with Vet Bed ensuring a warm and comfortable stay.


Dogs from the same house hold can share or have their own kennels. Dogs that do share from the same home receive a 10% discount.



Dogs have access to large outside runs. We believe that dogs enjoy their stay with plenty of exercise and stimulation, interacting with staff and other dogs. The unique 16ft Bath stone orchard wall surrounding the kennels provides a secure environment divided into 8 exercise areas.


We believe that with the owner’s consent, and following temperament assessment dogs can be socialised with other dogs in our large grass enclosures under the supervision of staff.


This allows for greater stimulation, fun, frolics and exercise than just lead walking.


We understand that not all dogs are happy with others and so they have the opportunity to have grass enclosures to themselves.



The health and wellbeing of dogs in our care is paramount. Over 10 years ago we began to search for a dog food that would improve the health of long term borders. One dog food stood out from the rest.


Arden Grange is hypo allergenic, wheat and gluten free, helping to reduce stomach intolerance and suitable for dogs with special dietary requirements.

Since making the switch a decade ago we have been available to care for dogs that usually suffer from dietary complications, so much so many owners switch to what we feed.


Please follow the link and decide for yourselves, we are confident you’ll be







Due to our buying power we are able to offer Arden Grange for sale to customers at competitive prices.


Raw Feeding

We are great supporters of BARF raw feeding. Woodborough are happy to provide our guests with a raw diet for a 60 Pence suppliment per night.


We cater for dogs on special diets. If your dog has dietary requirements then please feel free to contact us.

While we will provide food that you may wish to bring from home with you for your dog we will still charge the full fee. This is due to the time it takes to serve individual diets to the dogs.



Medication and Care

Our experienced full time staff are trained to administer medication with checks and procedures in place to ensure all dogs receive medications correctly.


Veterinary Insurance is included in the price for non existing conditions. If we feel you dog requires treatment while in kennels we will not hesitate to get it treated.


Where a dog has a pre-existing condition we must be notified at time of check in. Any treatment for such condition while in our care will be included in the bill at time of collection.


A CURRENT VETERINARY CERTIFICATE of Vaccination will be required for inspection at the time of admission.


NO DOG will be accepted unless it has been vaccinated against: Distemper, Infectious Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvo virus, Parainfluenza, these are included in the standard annual vaccination your pets receive. Additional to this is the intra nasal bordatella vaccine (kennel cough). The kennel cough needs to have been done at least 5 days before arrival as it is a live vaccination (lasting for 12 months). Please ensure that you check with your vet that this has been done as it is not something the vet will do automatically. MAKE SURE IT IS ALL DONE SO THAT YOU ARE NOT DISAPPOINTED - YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY IF IT IS NOT COMPLETED.

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