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Having worked with dogs all my life, I started dog sport at the age of 12 in Switzerland and helped train several different breeds. At the age of 14 I was already Assistent trainer at my local dog club! Beginning with agility, I progressed through many different clubs and sports until I ended up doing IPO and Working Trials where I now train with all kinds of working breeds but mainly Malis, GSD, Rott’s and Dobies.


The Malinois was always my favourite breed but I believe these high energy and hard working dogs need owners with exactly the right lifestyle and surroundings. Once I decided I wanted my own Mali it took me 8 years to reach the point in my life where I felt I could give these amazing dogs the kind of home they deserve.


At the moment I am competing in Working Trials and Globalring with my female Lucy.

In 2018 I represented Great Britain in the IPO All Breed World Championships in Italy with Keith.

With Xia I’m making my first steps towards KNPV (Royal Dutch Police Dog Programme) and am fortunate to be one of the few UK trainers accpeted in to the KNPV.


Its a great honour to be working with you all and your furry loved ones. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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We have a wealth of experience to help you achieve an enjoyable relationship with your best friend. Modern training is fun for owners and dogs alike providing the confidence for owners to take their companions out and about free from worry and stress.


Puppy nipping,

Jumping up,



Dog aggression,


These are the most common issues owners face and we are here to help.

Owners can learn in individually tailored one to one lessons at Woodborough Kennels or in the comfort of their homes.

Our residential stay and train allows dogs to stay with the trainer and get intensive tuitition.


In 2018 our trainers have both represented Great Britain abroad in dog sport world championships.

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I was raised with working German Short Haired Pointers that my dad trained for over 30 years. Growing up I was blessed with access to fantastic game keepers who involved me in their dogs training.


I first worked at Woodborough during my gap year in 1998, 20 years ago. After University I became a dog handler and returned to Woodborough as Manager in 2010 while continuing dog handling part time, receiving a Bravery Award in 2016 with my GSD, Gemini.


As a front-line handler and working sport dog competitor I was fortunate enough in 2013 to become the UK's youngest NASDU General Purpose Patrol Dog Instructor for Level 3. I provide training to Council workers, animal rescue staff, dog handlers, pet owners as well as lecturing at Colleges on Kennel Managment and dog training.


My wife, Lisa and I are proud to run Vonlisand Police Dogs, breeding and training working dogs for Police and Prison Services.


I’ve competed with German Shepherds, Malinois and Rottweilers in numerous sports and in 2018 represented Great Britain in Belgium for the Globalring World Championships with Gemini.


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